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You told your wife that you wanted to start crossdressing. She said that she was fine with it, as long as she got to see you get fucked by another guy. You were hesitant at first, but you agreed after she gave you a blowjob. Little did you know, it would be your last blowjob that you ever received. She originally set you up on a date with a very handsome man named Gary. When Gary came over he forced you down onto your knees to suck his cock. This is how it all started. Gary went from getting his cock sucked every day, to unloading his cum into your ass every night. She took multiple pictures of you pouting and created a couple sissy cuckold captions to show you on a daily basis how much of a bitch you really are. In fact, your wife thinks that you are such a sissy that now you both bang Gary and you no longer have access to your wife’s vagina. Gary now owns your boipussy and wife’s vagina… but that is somehow OK with you.

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Ever since your friend Mark found out that you like taking a dick, life has never been the same. Mark has been coming over every single morning, expecting to have a make-up-wearing slut to be there eager to suck his cock, just like in one of these extreme sissy captions. To this date, he has never been disappointed. Mark always knew that you were a submissive sissy bitch since he met you. It was definitely your feminine personality that tipped him off. You are always saying, “Sorry” “Please” and “Thank You” like the little bitch that you are. Now you have a daddy to look up and say, “Can I please suck your dick?” to. What could be more rewarding?