Helpless Face-Down Sissy

Don’t you just ‘hate’ it when you are face-down on the bed with your hands cuffed behind your back? Don’t you just ‘hate’ being helpless with your ass exposed, lubed, and dressed up nicely (in order to entice a potential suitor)? Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if a BBC just crawled on top of you and took you from behind? A girl can always dream 😉

Crossdresser with Flat Ass Fucked

You may not have the most shapely of an ass, but in a nice thong swimsuit… It looks incredible. You knew daddy would want to bang you if you were dressed up in a little frilly swimsuit near the poolside looking back at him. As soon as you got into the swimsuit, you realized how right you were. It was difficult to sit down for the next couple of weeks after daddy saw your booty dressed up in that little outfit. Nicely done 😉