How You Became A Sissy

“You Are Weak”

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You were hanging out with your friend one day just playing video games when he turned over and said, “You know, all you ever do is play video games… do you even have a single muscle in that weak body of yours?” You didn’t know what to say, so you just murmured, “Uh…” Then your friend said, “You are kind of girly looking, I hope you know that.” “I am as much of a man as you are.” You foolishly replied. Then your friend said, “OK, let’s make a bet then. We will have a wrestling match. The loser has to dress up like a girl for a day and have pictures of them taken to show to our other friends.” You quickly shot back, “It’s on!” Your friend quickly jumped on top of you and pinned you in less than 10 seconds. “Looks like you lose, Girly.” The next day, you were dressed up in a full outfit with make-up and perfume on. Unfortunately for you, your friend pinned you down again and ripped your cute outfit off. He said, “After I take pictures, you are going to become a REAL girl. I’ll show you how to become a sissy.” At first you didn’t know what he was talking about since you were such dumb bimbo, but when your ass was so sore that you couldn’t walk the next day you finally realized what he meant.

Encouraged To Become A Sissy

Sissy Encouragement

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Ever since high school you knew that you hadn’t developed as much as the other boys in all of your classes. At first you started to lift weights and work out more. It didn’t matter how much you went to the gym though, you just kept getting thinner and more toned… more feminine looking. You started to look online at pictures of women and men, coming to the realization that you looked more like the sex that you were not assigned. Luckily, you were kind of turned on by that fact. You started watching straight porn, which turned into tranny porn, and finally you went onto sissy porn. You wanted to be the man in the beginning, but slowly you realized that you wanted to be the one getting fucked. You started looking at sissy encouragement captions on various websites to get yourself in the zone. The more captions you looked at, the more you became hypnotized into becoming a sissy slut. Now, here you are, staring in the mirror at your feminine looking self and wondering, “Should I call up my friend Michael and ask if he wants to come over for some fun?” Yes. Yes, you should.

Forced Femininization Hypnosis Captions

Forced To Be Feminine

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Your roommate caught you in your room dressing in women’s clothing one day. That day was the best day of the week! The reason you loved when your roommate caught you was the fact that he told you to stay dressed and lay on your back. As soon as you laid on your back, he propped your legs up, pulled off your panties, whipped out his dick, and started rubbing it against your ass. He grabbed the bottle of lotion on your night stand and started lubing you up. Once you were all lubed up, he started fucking you slowly. However, as the weeks went by, the fucking became rougher and rougher. Pretty soon he started calling you his personal slut. You didn’t mind though, you had always wanted it to be this way. To make matters worse, he took pictures of you and created a couple forced feminization hypnosis captions of you, including this one. You never realized how cute you looked as a woman, until you saw your legs above your head and a dick in your ass. You have cum in your ass daily, which makes you have to change your panties often. Too bad slut, you decided to be the bitch.

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