Pretty Teen Crossdresser

Cute Petite Crossdresser

pretty crossdresser for daddy

From a very young age you knew you were meant to take on the feminine role. Your sister would leave town on the weekends to go stay with her boyfriend. Whenever she did that, you would sneak into her room and steal a pair of her panties. It’s OK you thought, she has so many different pairs, she won’t even know she lost a couple. Well, this trend went on for a couple of years and then you finally moved out into your own apartment. Once you were living on your own, you realized that your slutty crossdressing sissy self had all the freedom in the world. You started inviting men over that you chatted with on Craigslist to have their way with you. You are truly happy now.

Cross Dressing Supplies At Discount Sale

Off To The Crossdresser’s Store

sissy supply store

You decided that you did well today and so you thought that you earned a trip to buy some new clothing. However, you wanted to see how pretty you would look as a woman so you went to a specialty crossdressing store. Once you arrived at the store and started searching, an attendant asked if you would like assistance. You saw that nobody else was in the store, so you asked him, “Do you top sexy gurls?” He smiled and said, “Get dressed and bend over.” Of course you did what you were told, and you loved it.

Transvestites in Lingerie

Transvestite with Tiny Balls

sexy transvestite with small balls

It is no wonder that you took the role of being a woman so well. I mean, your balls are so tiny. They are microscopic. You had a girlfriend one time that even told you that your balls and dick were just too tiny for her. After putting up with so much humiliation over the years, you couldn’t take it anymore. You finally accepted your new title that your muscular daddy gave you, “Tiny Balled Bitch.” It took you a little bit to get used to. However, every time you put up a fit about it, daddy pins you down and fucks you while whispering in your ear, “You like that don’t you?…” “You sure do, my tiny balled bitch.

daddy sissy crossdresser latex

Latex Crossdresser Fucks Sexy Daddy Caption

Crossdresser In Latex While Daddy Tells How It Is

So, now he makes you call him, “Daddy” in the bedroom… Jesus how far has this gone. You used to be just a regular guy back in the day. The thing that you didn’t understand was that you really were a sissy bitch fuck doll deep down inside. Your sissy self needed a release and so you crossdressed and fucked a guy that you now call, “Daddy” a year later.

A Sissified Male Life In A Nutshell

Congratulations, your life has really gone far… However, you still don’t care because all you really care about is, “Daddy” fucking you in the ass. Sometimes, he rubs your sissy clit before he fucks you. However, most of the time, you just go over to his house and he says, “Bend Over” and of course, you accept. Then, you submit to him entering your ass. And, about 10 minutes later you feel a warm spurt in your ass. That is when you know the cycle has been completed. That is when you know your destiny has been set in stone. You are now a woman. You now have accepted the alpha male’s seed in your ass and you are now his.

Daddy Lends Sissy Cuckold Bitch to Friends

He may lend you out to some of his friends, but whenever he wants to have a go at your ass again, you just accept. This is because you are a sissy cuckold bitch. You bow down to men because you don’t have the instinct to fight. When it comes to fight or flight, your response is bend over and take his dick in your ass and then maybe he will be relieved and go away. However, some men you have noticed take quite a while to become relieved. You could be bent over and taking dick for as long as 30 minutes. You could be having a guy’s dick go in and out of your ass and still have to remain there taking it.

black guy fucks sissy BITCH

Sissy Bitch Gets Fucked By Black Guy

Do Black Guys REALLY Have Bigger Dicks?

You had to solve the ongoing rumor/mystery to find out if it was really true. Or… Maybe it was just an excuse 😉

Either way, putting on a cock cage wasn’t really necessary, you just thought you should THOROUGHLY enjoy the situation. Really submitting, just letting go. Because, if you tighten up… that huge black cock might really hurt while he fucks you in the ass. You thought that crossdressing didn’t make it gay… well guess again.

Admit to Your New SISSY Crossdresser Life

You are a sissy faggot, just admit the truth. You enjoy taking dick in your mouth and ass. Maybe sometimes you fantasize about kneeling down below a dude while he jerks until he cums on your face. I can’t judge you, I MADE this website… So I’m just as ‘weird’ as you. Truth is, whether or not this is a fantasy of yours, you would LOVE to experience a cock going up your ass at least once. Otherwise, how did you end up here?


I mean I am assuming you found us through a search engine, so we are BOTH on the same page. We both fantasize about and/or have given a blowjob on a penis. A penis is a male organ… even if it is attached to something that APPEARS female, so it is gay.


But hey, even if you still consider yourself ‘straight’ just don’t get married and you can play around on the side with women, dudes, CD’s, transexuals, whatever you want to get down with. But, back to the ongoing rumor… it turns out, BLACK dudes have MUCH bigger penises ON AVERAGE than WHITE dudes. I am not even kidding. You will get reamed out if you have never fucked a black dude before… get on it. 

sissy crossdressing bliss

Sissy Anal Bliss

Sissy Bitch Enjoying Anal Bliss

As if looking pretty was enough for you…

You knew that eventually it would lead to this, bent over made up and waiting to be fucked. Some say that people can’t deny their nature – Well that certainly is true in your case sissy. Any real man would never submit themselves to growing their hair long, putting on makeup, attaining a sissy body, and then proceeding to bend over naked while you wait for a REAL man to fuck you.

It’s Okay! Enjoy your nature. Some people were meant to be strong and brute, you were meant to be weak and pretty. I guess it is just the luck of the draw!

Even With A Big Sissy Clit

Even if you have a big sissy clit, the fact that your body is so underdeveloped everywhere else should make you instantly realize your place in the world – Taking it up the ass. You were not born to fuck, you were born to be fucked. Born to please and serve any alpha that finds his way to your bedroom. Or, any alpha that you managed to interest in your sissy self.

Why are other guys alpha while you aren’t? Well, that is a simple answer. Have you ever noticed that alphas tend to be tall and muscular… but you aren’t? Have you ever noticed that alphas tend to get all of the girls… but you want to be one. Have you ever wondered why even though you have tried to flirt with women, you get pushed to the side so that alphas can get with them? This is because nature is telling you to submit. You are just like a woman. You need to go out there and find your own alpha male to put his seed inside of you. If you are in desperate need of a good fucking, then it is your responsibility to seek out an alpha to get the job done!

sissy ass rubbed

Sit Back And Get RUBBED Sissy!

There you were…

Laying down, legs spread on the bed while your “girl….friend” kisses your cheek. You already are loving the situation, but you do love getting a finger in your ass also. There is only one bad thing about this whole set up…

You can’t jerk off while she has a finger in your ass.

YES, this is a GAME… but with punishments if you can’t follow the rules.

The rules are simple:

You can’t jerk off while she has a finger IN your ass.


The minute the finger comes out, you can start stroking again.

Sissies Punishment –

Okay, now this is pretty simple.

You will start at Violation 1 and then go Violation 2, Violation 3, ect ect… every time you jerk while you still have a finger in your ass.

Violation 1: Flick to the Balls

Violation 2: Underhand Ball “Tap!” to say, “HEY, stop violating the rules…”

Violation 3: Cock Cage goes on

Violation 4: How are you going to jerk off now, sissy?

Have fun!