Tall Sissy Caught Crossdressing

Nice Ass Girly, I’ve Got A New Nickname For You

big butt bitch crossdressing caption

Ever since your older friend Mark opened up your door on accident and found you in a thong and wig life has never been the same. He called you a pretty girl and invited you out to the woods to, “Go camping.” Some how, as soon as you guys went on the trip, your bag of clothes randomly disappeared. Luckily, your friend brought an extra bag of clothes… but they were all for women. There was also mysteriously a black-colored wig inside of the bag. When you asked Mark why he brought extra women’s clothes he just replied, “Please, call me Daddy.” You were confused, but nevertheless, you put on some of the clothing. While you were slowly dressing minimally, just so you could start putting on some make-up to look cute… ‘Daddy’ said, “I want you to know, once I take you in the ass, you will forever be my Big Butt Bitch. I will own that ass. So, whenever I want a piece of that ass, I will give you a call and you can come over and then bend over.” As you dressed you calmly obliged and just focused on getting ready to submit to him for the first time. You were trying to be calm about how excited you were to be taken for first time.


So, you started to put some make-up on and attempt to look as pretty as possible while out in the woods. Luckily, you had dressed up as a girl plenty of times so a lot of the preparation was just a habit. So, after you finished putting on your make-up, then you started to get dressed. However, before you could get fully dressed, ‘Daddy’ said, “Bend over…my Big Butt Bitch.” Helpless, and a pretty turned on, you did what ‘Daddy’ said.

Forced Feminization By Alpha Male

Smaller, Cuter, Meant To Service

forced to be feminine on knees sucking cock

From a young age you were taught that girls have all the fun. Well, that is true, unless you are an alpha male. Too bad for you, your girly figure and small facial features put you out of that category. You realized that the only thing that you were good at is pleasing alpha males. So here you are, sucking another alpha cock while he face fucks you so hard that you keep gagging. “Suck it Bitch!” is the phrase you keep hearing for so long that it seems to be a lifetime. You think, “Sissies need pleasure too!” but you would never actually say it otherwise you might end up getting spanked so hard that you won’t be able to walk straight for a week.

Butt Plug Sissy Crossdresser

Up The Pleasure!

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Every sissy gurl should have their own butt plug set! It will make every session feel just THAT much better. Make sure to pick yours up today before they run out of stock!

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Hurry! These might not be around forever. Make sure to act now before they are gone and you don’t get to experience an incredible sensation!

Sissy Cuck Captions

Your Wife Thinks That You Are Pitiful

wife overpowering husband porn

You told your wife that you wanted to start crossdressing. She said that she was fine with it, as long as she got to see you get fucked by another guy. You were hesitant at first, but you agreed after she gave you a blowjob. Little did you know, it would be your last blowjob that you ever received. She originally set you up on a date with a very handsome man named Gary. When Gary came over he forced you down onto your knees to suck his cock. This is how it all started. Gary went from getting his cock sucked every day, to unloading his cum into your ass every night. She took multiple pictures of you pouting and created a couple sissy cuckold captions to show you on a daily basis how much of a bitch you really are. In fact, your wife thinks that you are such a sissy that now you both bang Gary and you no longer have access to your wife’s vagina. Gary now owns your boipussy and wife’s vagina… but that is somehow OK with you.

Forced Feminization of Men

Forced To Be Feminine

sissy bitch forced to be feminine

As a gurl, your wife made you put on a wig, make up, and clothes to be as feminine as possible. She wanted to make sure that you know who the boss around the house is. Can you guess who it is? It certainly isn’t the dumb bitch who is holding her boi clit on the couch with a dumbfounded look on her face. In fact, that is the dumb bitch who is about to be plowed by the man that Mommy invited over. There is a huge movement on the forced feminization of men and you are the first on the list. Why first? You are pretty much already a female, judging by the way you act. You need a cock up your ass.

Wife Dominates Sissy Husband

Husband Forced Sissy

crossdresser gets dominated by wife

Your wife told you to stop with all of your misbehaving, but you never listened. Wrong move, your wife is a very dominate person. So she hired a male stripper to teach you a lesson. She drugged your breakfast and made you dress in women’s clothing. You are the husband forced sissy. You are the sissy husband forced bi. You are one of the objects of some sissy husband caps. People are now looking at your sexy sweet girly self and jerking off. You have been turned from a man into a cumslut. However, you love every second of it.

Transvestites in Lingerie

Transvestite with Tiny Balls

sexy transvestite with small balls

It is no wonder that you took the role of being a woman so well. I mean, your balls are so tiny. They are microscopic. You had a girlfriend one time that even told you that your balls and dick were just too tiny for her. After putting up with so much humiliation over the years, you couldn’t take it anymore. You finally accepted your new title that your muscular daddy gave you, “Tiny Balled Bitch.” It took you a little bit to get used to. However, every time you put up a fit about it, daddy pins you down and fucks you while whispering in your ear, “You like that don’t you?…” “You sure do, my tiny balled bitch.

sissy crossdressing bliss

Sissy Anal Bliss

Sissy Bitch Enjoying Anal Bliss

As if looking pretty was enough for you…

You knew that eventually it would lead to this, bent over made up and waiting to be fucked. Some say that people can’t deny their nature – Well that certainly is true in your case sissy. Any real man would never submit themselves to growing their hair long, putting on makeup, attaining a sissy body, and then proceeding to bend over naked while you wait for a REAL man to fuck you.

It’s Okay! Enjoy your nature. Some people were meant to be strong and brute, you were meant to be weak and pretty. I guess it is just the luck of the draw!

Even With A Big Sissy Clit

Even if you have a big sissy clit, the fact that your body is so underdeveloped everywhere else should make you instantly realize your place in the world – Taking it up the ass. You were not born to fuck, you were born to be fucked. Born to please and serve any alpha that finds his way to your bedroom. Or, any alpha that you managed to interest in your sissy self.

Why are other guys alpha while you aren’t? Well, that is a simple answer. Have you ever noticed that alphas tend to be tall and muscular… but you aren’t? Have you ever noticed that alphas tend to get all of the girls… but you want to be one. Have you ever wondered why even though you have tried to flirt with women, you get pushed to the side so that alphas can get with them? This is because nature is telling you to submit. You are just like a woman. You need to go out there and find your own alpha male to put his seed inside of you. If you are in desperate need of a good fucking, then it is your responsibility to seek out an alpha to get the job done!