Tall Sissy Caught Crossdressing

Nice Ass Girly, I’ve Got A New Nickname For You

big butt bitch crossdressing caption

Ever since your older friend Mark opened up your door on accident and found you in a thong and wig life has never been the same. He called you a pretty girl and invited you out to the woods to, “Go camping.” Some how, as soon as you guys went on the trip, your bag of clothes randomly disappeared. Luckily, your friend brought an extra bag of clothes… but they were all for women. There was also mysteriously a black-colored wig inside of the bag. When you asked Mark why he brought extra women’s clothes he just replied, “Please, call me Daddy.” You were confused, but nevertheless, you put on some of the clothing. While you were slowly dressing minimally, just so you could start putting on some make-up to look cute… ‘Daddy’ said, “I want you to know, once I take you in the ass, you will forever be my Big Butt Bitch. I will own that ass. So, whenever I want a piece of that ass, I will give you a call and you can come over and then bend over.” As you dressed you calmly obliged and just focused on getting ready to submit to him for the first time. You were trying to be calm about how excited you were to be taken for first time.


So, you started to put some make-up on and attempt to look as pretty as possible while out in the woods. Luckily, you had dressed up as a girl plenty of times so a lot of the preparation was just a habit. So, after you finished putting on your make-up, then you started to get dressed. However, before you could get fully dressed, ‘Daddy’ said, “Bend over…my Big Butt Bitch.” Helpless, and a pretty turned on, you did what ‘Daddy’ said.

Encouraged To Become A Sissy

Sissy Encouragement

sissy gurl transformation

Ever since high school you knew that you hadn’t developed as much as the other boys in all of your classes. At first you started to lift weights and work out more. It didn’t matter how much you went to the gym though, you just kept getting thinner and more toned… more feminine looking. You started to look online at pictures of women and men, coming to the realization that you looked more like the sex that you were not assigned. Luckily, you were kind of turned on by that fact. You started watching straight porn, which turned into tranny porn, and finally you went onto sissy porn. You wanted to be the man in the beginning, but slowly you realized that you wanted to be the one getting fucked. You started looking at sissy encouragement captions on various websites to get yourself in the zone. The more captions you looked at, the more you became hypnotized into becoming a sissy slut. Now, here you are, staring in the mirror at your feminine looking self and wondering, “Should I call up my friend Michael and ask if he wants to come over for some fun?” Yes. Yes, you should.

Forced Femininization Hypnosis Captions

Forced To Be Feminine

feminized sissy fucked in her ass

Your roommate caught you in your room dressing in women’s clothing one day. That day was the best day of the week! The reason you loved when your roommate caught you was the fact that he told you to stay dressed and lay on your back. As soon as you laid on your back, he propped your legs up, pulled off your panties, whipped out his dick, and started rubbing it against your ass. He grabbed the bottle of lotion on your night stand and started lubing you up. Once you were all lubed up, he started fucking you slowly. However, as the weeks went by, the fucking became rougher and rougher. Pretty soon he started calling you his personal slut. You didn’t mind though, you had always wanted it to be this way. To make matters worse, he took pictures of you and created a couple forced feminization hypnosis captions of you, including this one. You never realized how cute you looked as a woman, until you saw your legs above your head and a dick in your ass. You have cum in your ass daily, which makes you have to change your panties often. Too bad slut, you decided to be the bitch.

Extreme Sissy Captions

Make Up Slut

blowing extreme crossdresser job

Ever since your friend Mark found out that you like taking a dick, life has never been the same. Mark has been coming over every single morning, expecting to have a make-up-wearing slut to be there eager to suck his cock, just like in one of these extreme sissy captions. To this date, he has never been disappointed. Mark always knew that you were a submissive sissy bitch since he met you. It was definitely your feminine personality that tipped him off. You are always saying, “Sorry” “Please” and “Thank You” like the little bitch that you are. Now you have a daddy to look up and say, “Can I please suck your dick?” to. What could be more rewarding?

Sissy Anal Captions Gurl BENT Over

Bent Over And Exposed

sissy ass waiting for daddy dick

Daddy forces you to be the gurl that you really are. The reason that you always wanted to be a gurl is because deep down you are a submissive bitch that loves to take orders. “Suck my cock.” “Yes, Daddy!” You love your job, and Daddy loves his. You love being a disgusting little slut whore that takes Daddies dick multiple times per day just like these sissy anal captions tell you to do. You want to be forced to be the feminine sissy that you were meant to be. If that means bending over for Daddy and sending him a nice picture of what he is about to fuck soon, then so be it.

Free Crossdresser Tube

Crossdresser Sucks On A Flesh Tube

crossdresser on her knees pleasing daddy

You find yourself down on your knees and out of breath. When you look up, all you see is a giant cock hovering above you. Of course you immediately put it in your mouth and suck it, you’re a sissy! Go ahead, suck away. You know what the best part about being a sissy crossdressing cumslut is? Everybody loves you since you are a people pleaser. The fact that you get off on someone else’s pleasure is a good thing, right? I mean, that’s what daddy keeps telling you so it must be true.

Pretty Teen Crossdresser

Cute Petite Crossdresser

pretty crossdresser for daddy

From a very young age you knew you were meant to take on the feminine role. Your sister would leave town on the weekends to go stay with her boyfriend. Whenever she did that, you would sneak into her room and steal a pair of her panties. It’s OK you thought, she has so many different pairs, she won’t even know she lost a couple. Well, this trend went on for a couple of years and then you finally moved out into your own apartment. Once you were living on your own, you realized that your slutty crossdressing sissy self had all the freedom in the world. You started inviting men over that you chatted with on Craigslist to have their way with you. You are truly happy now.

Cross Dressing Supplies At Discount Sale

Off To The Crossdresser’s Store

sissy supply store

You decided that you did well today and so you thought that you earned a trip to buy some new clothing. However, you wanted to see how pretty you would look as a woman so you went to a specialty crossdressing store. Once you arrived at the store and started searching, an attendant asked if you would like assistance. You saw that nobody else was in the store, so you asked him, “Do you top sexy gurls?” He smiled and said, “Get dressed and bend over.” Of course you did what you were told, and you loved it.