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Latex Crossdresser Fucks Sexy Daddy Caption

Crossdresser In Latex While Daddy Tells How It Is

So, now he makes you call him, “Daddy” in the bedroom… Jesus how far has this gone. You used to be just a regular guy back in the day. The thing that you didn’t understand was that you really were a sissy bitch fuck doll deep down inside. Your sissy self needed a release and so you crossdressed and fucked a guy that you now call, “Daddy” a year later.

A Sissified Male Life In A Nutshell

Congratulations, your life has really gone far… However, you still don’t care because all you really care about is, “Daddy” fucking you in the ass. Sometimes, he rubs your sissy clit before he fucks you. However, most of the time, you just go over to his house and he says, “Bend Over” and of course, you accept. Then, you submit to him entering your ass. And, about 10 minutes later you feel a warm spurt in your ass. That is when you know the cycle has been completed. That is when you know your destiny has been set in stone. You are now a woman. You now have accepted the alpha male’s seed in your ass and you are now his.

Daddy Lends Sissy Cuckold Bitch to Friends

He may lend you out to some of his friends, but whenever he wants to have a go at your ass again, you just accept. This is because you are a sissy cuckold bitch. You bow down to men because you don’t have the instinct to fight. When it comes to fight or flight, your response is bend over and take his dick in your ass and then maybe he will be relieved and go away. However, some men you have noticed take quite a while to become relieved. You could be bent over and taking dick for as long as 30 minutes. You could be having a guy’s dick go in and out of your ass and still have to remain there taking it.