Helpless Face-Down Sissy

Don’t you just ‘hate’ it when you are face-down on the bed with your hands cuffed behind your back? Don’t you just ‘hate’ being helpless with your ass exposed, lubed, and dressed up nicely (in order to entice a potential suitor)? Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if a BBC just crawled on top of you and took you from behind? A girl can always dream 😉

Crossdresser with Flat Ass Fucked

You may not have the most shapely of an ass, but in a nice thong swimsuit… It looks incredible. You knew daddy would want to bang you if you were dressed up in a little frilly swimsuit near the poolside looking back at him. As soon as you got into the swimsuit, you realized how right you were. It was difficult to sit down for the next couple of weeks after daddy saw your booty dressed up in that little outfit. Nicely done 😉

Sissy Princess

Feminine Sissy Bottom

sissy bottom princess gurl

You didn’t expect life to end up like this. You wanted to grow up and have a muscular body with facial hair. Unfortunately, the cards you were dealt didn’t help you attract women. Hairless… Smooth… Small… Cute… After trying so hard to get women to have sex with you without success, you finally gave up. However, you had to cure your high sex drive somehow. Since you couldn’t please women, the next best option was to please men. So here you are now, completely bare naked on a bed, staring up at the man who is about to fuck your sissy princess ass senseless. It would have been great to be able to be a ladies man… but I guess being the girl isn’t so bad after all.

Forced Feminization Captioned Images

Daddy Gets What He Wants

fat cross dresser ass

As a sissy, your daddy provides you with the one thing you need – cum. So, in return, you should provide daddy with what he needs sexually. If daddy wants you to send him a picture of your smooth ass – do it. If daddy wants to take a picture of him cumming on your face – you let it happen. Remember, a good sissy obeys daddy because daddy will please you if you please him first. Did you go to the gym and do squats all day and now your ass is too sore for daddy to spank? Too bad, bend over. Don’t forget, you are the bitch and daddy is the master – obey his orders.

Forced Sissy Slave

Forced Cumshot

bottom bitch cross dresser

You thought your friend Devin liked you for your personality. It seemed a little weird at first because you were just a shy little guy at school with long hair and he was a muscular linebacker that played on the football team. One day as you guys were hanging out, Devin got the great idea that you should dress up like a girl because, “You don’t have any facial hair, I want to see if you would be a cute girl.” So, Devin went into his sister’s room and grabbed some clothes and makeup. You went into the bathroom and got dressed, but when you came out Devin was naked on his bed. He said, “You look good, come here I have to show you something…” As you came closer Devin grabbed you and pinned you down. He said, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way. I know you have been looking at my dick all day and if you want to suck it just ask.” You replied, “No way!” He quickly spoke back, “Well then, I guess it is going to be the hard way.” Before you could speak again, Devin pushed you down to your knees and made you be the girl you were meant to be.