Tall Sissy Caught Crossdressing

Nice Ass Girly, I’ve Got A New Nickname For You

big butt bitch crossdressing caption

Ever since your older friend Mark opened up your door on accident and found you in a thong and wig life has never been the same. He called you a pretty girl and invited you out to the woods to, “Go camping.” Some how, as soon as you guys went on the trip, your bag of clothes randomly disappeared. Luckily, your friend brought an extra bag of clothes… but they were all for women. There was also mysteriously a black-colored wig inside of the bag. When you asked Mark why he brought extra women’s clothes he just replied, “Please, call me Daddy.” You were confused, but nevertheless, you put on some of the clothing. While you were slowly dressing minimally, just so you could start putting on some make-up to look cute… ‘Daddy’ said, “I want you to know, once I take you in the ass, you will forever be my Big Butt Bitch. I will own that ass. So, whenever I want a piece of that ass, I will give you a call and you can come over and then bend over.” As you dressed you calmly obliged and just focused on getting ready to submit to him for the first time. You were trying to be calm about how excited you were to be taken for first time.


So, you started to put some make-up on and attempt to look as pretty as possible while out in the woods. Luckily, you had dressed up as a girl plenty of times so a lot of the preparation was just a habit. So, after you finished putting on your make-up, then you started to get dressed. However, before you could get fully dressed, ‘Daddy’ said, “Bend over…my Big Butt Bitch.” Helpless, and a pretty turned on, you did what ‘Daddy’ said.

Crossdresser Captions

Craigslist Crossdresser

spanked cross dresser bent over

You didn’t think that it would get to this point… Who could have guessed that you would have been turned on by being dressed in women’s lingerie, on all fours, with a man’s hand on your ass? Then again, YOU were the one who went on to Craigslist. YOU were the one who replied to the post, “Dress Up For Me.” YOU were the one who drove over in the middle of the night to a complete stranger’s house. Now, wouldn’t it make sense that YOU would also be seen by this complete stranger as his sex toy? I mean, you replied to the ad, didn’t you? Then again, being spanked is pretty fun

How You Became A Sissy

“You Are Weak”

blackmailed crossdresser has to have pictures taken

You were hanging out with your friend one day just playing video games when he turned over and said, “You know, all you ever do is play video games… do you even have a single muscle in that weak body of yours?” You didn’t know what to say, so you just murmured, “Uh…” Then your friend said, “You are kind of girly looking, I hope you know that.” “I am as much of a man as you are.” You foolishly replied. Then your friend said, “OK, let’s make a bet then. We will have a wrestling match. The loser has to dress up like a girl for a day and have pictures of them taken to show to our other friends.” You quickly shot back, “It’s on!” Your friend quickly jumped on top of you and pinned you in less than 10 seconds. “Looks like you lose, Girly.” The next day, you were dressed up in a full outfit with make-up and perfume on. Unfortunately for you, your friend pinned you down again and ripped your cute outfit off. He said, “After I take pictures, you are going to become a REAL girl. I’ll show you how to become a sissy.” At first you didn’t know what he was talking about since you were such dumb bimbo, but when your ass was so sore that you couldn’t walk the next day you finally realized what he meant.

Forced Crossdress Stories

Forced Into A Crossdressing Life

sissy forced to take anal sexy doggystyle

After growing up with a very feminine face and body, you finally decided that you were meant to be a gurl in life. This was a pretty easy decision. You never had much aggression or testosterone growing up. You always were being looked at by other guys and a couple of times you were approached from guys that accidentally thought you were a girl. This is a perfect example of forced crossdress stories You didn’t think much of it at first, but as a little more testosterone entered your body at a later age, you became a little hornier. Instead of wanting to have sex with a girl, you wanted to get your ass fucked by a manly guy. Luckily for you, many of those straight guys that approach you are willing to bend a little bit to bang your ass. It is a good life, enjoy being fem as long as you can.

black guy fucks sissy BITCH

Sissy Bitch Gets Fucked By Black Guy

Do Black Guys REALLY Have Bigger Dicks?

You had to solve the ongoing rumor/mystery to find out if it was really true. Or… Maybe it was just an excuse 😉

Either way, putting on a cock cage wasn’t really necessary, you just thought you should THOROUGHLY enjoy the situation. Really submitting, just letting go. Because, if you tighten up… that huge black cock might really hurt while he fucks you in the ass. You thought that crossdressing didn’t make it gay… well guess again.

Admit to Your New SISSY Crossdresser Life

You are a sissy faggot, just admit the truth. You enjoy taking dick in your mouth and ass. Maybe sometimes you fantasize about kneeling down below a dude while he jerks until he cums on your face. I can’t judge you, I MADE this website… So I’m just as ‘weird’ as you. Truth is, whether or not this is a fantasy of yours, you would LOVE to experience a cock going up your ass at least once. Otherwise, how did you end up here?


I mean I am assuming you found us through a search engine, so we are BOTH on the same page. We both fantasize about and/or have given a blowjob on a penis. A penis is a male organ… even if it is attached to something that APPEARS female, so it is gay.


But hey, even if you still consider yourself ‘straight’ just don’t get married and you can play around on the side with women, dudes, CD’s, transexuals, whatever you want to get down with. But, back to the ongoing rumor… it turns out, BLACK dudes have MUCH bigger penises ON AVERAGE than WHITE dudes. I am not even kidding. You will get reamed out if you have never fucked a black dude before… get on it.