sissy crossdressing bliss

Sissy Anal Bliss

Sissy Bitch Enjoying Anal Bliss

As if looking pretty was enough for you…

You knew that eventually it would lead to this, bent over made up and waiting to be fucked. Some say that people can’t deny their nature – Well that certainly is true in your case sissy. Any real man would never submit themselves to growing their hair long, putting on makeup, attaining a sissy body, and then proceeding to bend over naked while you wait for a REAL man to fuck you.

It’s Okay! Enjoy your nature. Some people were meant to be strong and brute, you were meant to be weak and pretty. I guess it is just the luck of the draw!

Even With A Big Sissy Clit

Even if you have a big sissy clit, the fact that your body is so underdeveloped everywhere else should make you instantly realize your place in the world – Taking it up the ass. You were not born to fuck, you were born to be fucked. Born to please and serve any alpha that finds his way to your bedroom. Or, any alpha that you managed to interest in your sissy self.

Why are other guys alpha while you aren’t? Well, that is a simple answer. Have you ever noticed that alphas tend to be tall and muscular… but you aren’t? Have you ever noticed that alphas tend to get all of the girls… but you want to be one. Have you ever wondered why even though you have tried to flirt with women, you get pushed to the side so that alphas can get with them? This is because nature is telling you to submit. You are just like a woman. You need to go out there and find your own alpha male to put his seed inside of you. If you are in desperate need of a good fucking, then it is your responsibility to seek out an alpha to get the job done!