sissy ass rubbed

Sit Back And Get RUBBED Sissy!

There you were…

Laying down, legs spread on the bed while your “girl….friend” kisses your cheek. You already are loving the situation, but you do love getting a finger in your ass also. There is only one bad thing about this whole set up…

You can’t jerk off while she has a finger in your ass.

YES, this is a GAME… but with punishments if you can’t follow the rules.

The rules are simple:

You can’t jerk off while she has a finger IN your ass.


The minute the finger comes out, you can start stroking again.

Sissies Punishment –

Okay, now this is pretty simple.

You will start at Violation 1 and then go Violation 2, Violation 3, ect ect… every time you jerk while you still have a finger in your ass.

Violation 1: Flick to the Balls

Violation 2: Underhand Ball “Tap!” to say, “HEY, stop violating the rules…”

Violation 3: Cock Cage goes on

Violation 4: How are you going to jerk off now, sissy?

Have fun!