Encouraged To Become A Sissy

Sissy Encouragement

sissy gurl transformation

Ever since high school you knew that you hadn’t developed as much as the other boys in all of your classes. At first you started to lift weights and work out more. It didn’t matter how much you went to the gym though, you just kept getting thinner and more toned… more feminine looking. You started to look online at pictures of women and men, coming to the realization that you looked more like the sex that you were not assigned. Luckily, you were kind of turned on by that fact. You started watching straight porn, which turned into tranny porn, and finally you went onto sissy porn. You wanted to be the man in the beginning, but slowly you realized that you wanted to be the one getting fucked. You started looking at sissy encouragement captions on various websites to get yourself in the zone. The more captions you looked at, the more you became hypnotized into becoming a sissy slut. Now, here you are, staring in the mirror at your feminine looking self and wondering, “Should I call up my friend Michael and ask if he wants to come over for some fun?” Yes. Yes, you should.